Changeit - Climate Change

App for busy people that want to fight climate change

Small actions you can start doing now to reduce your carbon footprint


About Changeit


Simple actions you can take now to reduce your CO2 footprint

Changeit will guide you through the process of adapting your habits in order to reduce your CO2 footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle that ultimately will help fight climate change and put you more in sync with nature.


What are people saying about Changeit?

Great app if you want to commit to reducing your carbon footprint, learning how you can do so, and being reminded to stay accountable with the carbon reduction!

Mihai Avram | Dec 5, 2020

Love it! Thank you! Easy, simple, and beautiful app. I have been dreaming about an app like this for a while, glad I finally found it! 😍

Wade Williams | Mar 10, 2021

A must have, great collection of information on how small adaptations in our day to day life style can have a bigger impact.

Abhishek Taneja | Nov 30, 2020

Very informative and educational (in some cases about topics I have never even considered) while at the same time simple and easy to use! Also love how it gives you a measure of the contribution from each action and how easily you can get more information if you’re interested in diving deeper on each topic. And it even works offline!!😀 Well done! Keep it up guys!

Alexandre Gomes | Nov 28, 2020

Let’s change it :)

Sarah Naghavi | Nov 28, 2020

A great idea, a great app. By simply using the recommendations you can help make the world a better place. Would recommend 100%! Together for a better future!

Rodrigo Madureira | Dec 1, 2020

An app that will definitely help me to be more eco-friendly! Small actions can make a difference

Inês Ferreira | Nov 30, 2020

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