We are part of nature

If we stop to reflect on how humankind evolved it’s hard not to get amazed.

We are made out of the same “dust” that rocks and birds are made. Yet we are the first species capable of understanding that.

We started manipulating nature as a surviving tool: sharping rocks to create weapons and tools, cutting and burning trees for shelter, and keeping us warm.

We evolved to a state where we are not only shaping nature for survival but for our comfort.

Most of us don’t need to know how water runs out of our taps when we open them, how milk and chicken reach our supermarkets, what materials are used to build our house…

Well, maybe we should!

It turned out that to keep the huge demand for products that keep us comfortable we had to over explore our nature to a point that is causing the increase of pollution, death of many species, torture of animals and the heating of our planet.

We became unsynced with nature!

Do you want to make a change?

We know that between work, family, and other personal goals there isn’t much time to spend hours on the internet researching climate change.

This was why we created Changeit!

You just have to tell us what actions you want to commit to and we will give you the relevant information in an easy to read and learn fashion.

Many people are already using our app and here are the actions that most people are committing too:

Top commited actions

Percentage of users that commit to each action

[Last update on 4th Of February, 2021]

Example image

The top 3 actions that users are committed to change are:

  • Reduce plastic usage
  • Shorter hot showers
  • Spread the word

Top actions that our users are already doing

Percentage of users that are already doing each action

[Last update on 4th Of February, 2021]

Example image

The top 3 actions that users are already doing are:

  • Less car journeys
  • Reduce beef consumption
  • Buy less clothes


Our goal is to help people that already asked themselves: “How Can I Stop Global Warming?”

We spend many hours searching the web and compiling a list of actions and notifications that will help you fight climate change without having too much time researching how.

Start now by installing the app

Let’s Changeit!