You may have heard that due to covid 19 this year, CO₂ emissions have reduced slightly. People were stuck at home, and with minimal use of transports, CO₂ decreased by 17%. But global warming is a reality.

You can play your part by reducing your carbon footprint. With a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, you can make a huge difference.

What is a Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint is defined as the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to, directly and indirectly, support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Changeit is an app that helps you reduce your Carbon Dioxide emissions. The app will help you change your habits that are causing damage to our globe. And send you helpful notifications that help you commit to those habits.

About the app

  1. The app Changeit is available on the play store and has an easy to use interface. With this app, your goal would be to help fighting climate change. With small daily actions, you can reduce your Carbon footprint on daily basis.

  2. The app will provide you ample knowledge about the things that are harmful to the climate. The app will help you adopt healthy habits to reduce your CO₂ emission.

  3. The app suggests actions like purchasing local products which will help you save 6 kg of CO₂ per month. You can choose local products from your grocery stores which will mean less shipment of products from other countries.

  4. You will get notified daily about actions that you have to perform for reducing your CO₂ emissions. You can develop habits like reducing the use of beef consumption. Beef consumption produces a lot of CO₂ emissions.

  5. The app will tell you where you’re going wrong. By checking the app’s options, you’ll get notified every time you use something that’s producing CO₂.

  6. You can also calculate the current CO₂ emissions that you’re producing per month. The app will help you to achieve your target goal of reducing 130 kg of CO₂ per month.

  7. Many people are taking part in reducing their carbon footprint by using this application. The app will teach you a lot about how the reduction in CO₂ emission is possible.


You can take a lot of steps to reduce your carbon footprint and adopt many habits that are helpful in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Changeit app will be your partner in reducing your daily carbon footprint. We use tons of apps on daily basis just for entertainment purposes so why not use an app to help our planet. Changeit is an educational app that will help you educate yourself on greenhouse gas emissions.

Let’s Changeit!