Time to stop snoozing…

The climate change topic is like the sound of an early alarm clock in a rainy day, we know it is there but we keep tapping on the snooze button. Much like what happens in our mornings if we hit that snooze button one time too much it is enough to arrive late for work.

The last time my “alarm clock” rang was after watching David Attenborough’s documentary (Life on Our Planet).

I felt powerless because I did not know what I could personally do and was affraid that I would eventually go “back to sleep”. Instead, together with my partner, we decided start researching about actions we could personally do to practice more sustainable behaviours and reduce our CO2 footprint. We spent hours researching different actions and trying to figure out the CO2 impact of each one.

In the end we were tired but happy! For the first time we had a plan and became wide awake!

We realised that there was no need for other people to go through all the trouble of researching actions and their impact…

This was why we created Changeit!

What is Changeit?

Changeit gives you simple actions you can take now to reduce your CO2 (Carbon dioxide) footprint and start living a more sustainable life. You can choose the behaviors you want to change and measure their CO2 impact on your footprint.

We pair this information with relevant educational notifications that will give you a better understanding of the sustainability of our society and motivate you to become more sustainable yourself.


Our goal is to help people that already asked themselves: “How Can I Stop Global Warming?”

We spend many hours searching the web and compiling a list of actions and notifications that will help you fight climate change without having too much time researching how.

Let’s Changeit!